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35 icons for the theiconquest

I made these icons between October and January for the Iconquest on LJ and I can even tell when my computer broke and I had a long dry spot.

The first 10 icons are the Bard Color Palette done twice. Bard icons are supposed to be emotional/contain text so I chose it for a challenge.

The other 25 icons are the Chapter One main quest: adventure. They were all an adventure because they are all Bard icons with text! (My enemy!) and 6-10 in this batch were made as my motherboard was dying. Also, for every single one I tried new techniques or styles or experiments! 11-21 were made after I got a new motherboard but the hd my husband gave to me died... After that I took a long hiatus since breaking two computers in two weeks requires a time out period.

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Beauty and The Beast, Labyrinth and Alice In Wonderland.

Notes: Resource post in progress can be found here

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Disclaimer: I have a terrible memory and until recently had a poor sense of organization... so if you see a resource you made not credited, please let me know so that I can apoligize and remedy the situation. Recent stuff I've downloaded is organized into folders by makers, so hopefully I only missed the older things.
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immortalje and I did an icon battle, where we each selected 10 screencaps and then made icons of the 20 gathered images. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do another one soon.

If you like what you see please check out:
love_sacrificed-immortalje's icon journal
bipolardanicat-dani_meows's icon journal

And remember to credit the right person!

4 icon preview: (2 of each person's set!

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October Icon batch

Finished sets:
20 Tony Stark for character20in20
20 Rose Tyler for DW20in20 (inspiration is based on icon 115 here
20 Downton Abbey Season 1 for season20in20
20 Princess Leia for starwars20in20
20 Dr. Crusher for startrek20in20

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20 Sherlock icons for tvcharacter20in20:

tvcharacter20in20 SherlockCollapse )

20 Bellatrix Lestrange icons for hp20in20:

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